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Freeman’s Cleaning Now Offers Dry Ice Blasting

Freeman’s Cleaning Now Offers Dry Ice Blasting

If you’re looking for a surface cleaning method that doesn’t use harsh chemicals or damage the surface being cleaned, then consider dry ice blasting. Dry ice blasting uses dry ice to quickly and safely clean and prepare surfaces without damage and without creating additional waste.

Dry ice blasting focuses a high-pressure beam of air and dry ice pellets at a surface. When the dry ice pellets contact the surface, they sublimate – which means they change from a solid to a gas on contact. Dry ice pellets leave no impact damage, but can safely and completely clean a variety of surfaces. We can use dry ice to remove paint and dirt from surfaces, as well as clean equipment, machine parts, and other objects.

Using dry ice as a cleaning agent allows us to clean about 3 to 5 times faster than mechanical or chemical techniques. Better still, dry ice does not create contaminated cleaning fluids, which must then be cleaned. And this method leaves behind no residues, irritants, or toxic vapors!

You may be surprised by what dry ice can clean! Aside from removing dried paint, grease, and dirt, dry ice can also remove rust and other corrosion, adhesives, caramelized food particles, carbon build-up, and even dried asphalt! We also use dry ice blasting for cleaning surfaces that have been damaged by water, mold, smoke, or fire.

Dry ice blasting is especially good at cleaning machinery in place. That eliminates the need to disassemble and reassemble it. That means you can safely clean production molds, large equipment, and even delicate machinery because the technique is gentle enough to clean surfaces thoroughly without damaging anything.

Dry Ice Blasting Is Versatile And Cost Effective!

So, what materials can you clean with dry ice? Just about anything! That includes organic surfaces like wood, natural fabrics, and rubber, as well as inorganic surfaces, like plastics, metal, stone, concrete, and synthetics.

One really good application for dry ice cleaning is lead paint removal. Additionally, we can use the technique to remediate other contaminants typically found in old coatings. As a restoration tool, dry ice can remove layers of built-up industrial grime on building surfaces and decorative works without damaging surfaces. The technique can be repeated as often as needed without creating wear on hard-to-find or hard-to-replace materials.

Another advantage of dry ice in cleaning is that it is highly sustainable. Unlike power-washing, which can damage surfaces and requires a lot of water and special cleaning solutions, dry ice is easily manufactured and dissipates almost immediately into the surrounding air. The process doesn’t create a second mess to clean up!

Dry ice blasting is very cost effective, too. If you would like more information about this new service, or have questions about whether dry ice blasting is a good fit for your cleaning needs, please give us a call at Freeman’s Cleaning at (330) 339-7642

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